Daj się uwieść smakiem

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Tradition and experience

Meat plants are Witmas family meat processing plant founded by Krystyna and Stanisław Witkowski in 1990.

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The unique taste

In our offer you will find many delicious cold meats, sausages and other products. Take a look at our offer.

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We invite you to visit our shops, located in the district of Zgierz, in Dąbrówka, Zgierz and Piątek.

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Manufacturer  “WITMAS” exists since 1990. It takes a strong and significant position in the regional market of meat and dairy products. Effective sales and marketing activities resulted in cooperation with many wholesalers in Poland.

Since the company’s product quality is put in the first place. Meats and processed meats company WITMAS are very popular. They were awarded in the first edition of the I Edycja Finału Dnia Produktu Polskiego in Łódzki voivodship.



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